Kelly Table Taxi
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Product Specifications

The Table Taxi is:


Lightweight   (approx. 18.25 pounds)

Durable   (1" X .125" Aluminum Alloy Tubing)

Maneuverable   (4" Semi-Pneumatic Wheels)

Economical   (1 Person does the job of 2)

Strong   (Able to Carry over 175 Pounds)

Sensible   (Reduce Workman's Compensation Claims)

Patent # US 6,796,564 B2

$429.00 + Shipping


The Table Taxi requires only one person to move the very heavy and awkward pedestal style tables often found in Country Clubs, Restaurants and Hotels. The nature of the business forces many of us to move these tables on a regular basis.  The Table Taxi's narrow turning radius allows it to maneuver around tight quarters with ease and speed.  The Table Taxi makes for much quicker setups and breakdowns as much as 50% of the time and labor previously needed.  As the Table Taxi eliminates most of the manual lifting, it keeps employee morale up and Workman's Compensation claims down, not to mention wear and tear on your tables and flooring.


The Table Taxi comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.


The table taxi is capable of lifting a table in the upright position or on it’s side. As shown in the pictures here.






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